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Overseas conditions

Overseas gig conditions

Overseas gig accommodation for musicians

As international touring musician, all you are required to do is perform and attend rehearsals with the commitment & dedication that comes naturally to you!Blast productions handle all of the details;

  • We handle travel/ airline provisions to and from the location
  • Living accommodations in 5 star hotel or luxury apartment within walking distance to the venue
  • Musicians are paid bi-weekly/ monthly with a highly competitive salary
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner). Some of the finest cuisine in the world.
  • Laundry (including dry cleaning & pressing)
  • All required documents needed for overseas work (Work Visa etc)
  • Luggage to and from the location is covered
  • Work/ Performances are typically 6 nights per week with 1 night off. The night off is established by the hotel.
  • There are usually 3 required rehearsals on a weekly basis
  • Each nightly performance consists of 3 to 4 sets (45 minutes each). The hotel determines how many sets are required for their specific needs, although it is normally 4 sets of 45 minutes each per night.
  • Health & illnesses: The hotel may provides medical coverage through affiliated clinics for injuries & minor illnesses. Major illnesses and treatments beyond the hotel are to be covered by the artist/ musician.

(Specific details are available upon request)